Life Purpose Survey – Results


Life PurposeThank you so much if you were able to complete the Life Purpose Survey I send out recently. I am delighted with the quality and quantity of the responses and the stories shared.

While it would be impractical to share all of the individual responses here, I have analysed all of them collectively and have identified the common recurring themes.

Below you can see the resulting themes for each of the survey questions listed in order of their popularity (most popular first). Some of the themes have an equal weighting.

I had an inkling that the issue of ‘life purpose’ would be interesting to you, but I admit even I was surprised by the level of passion you shared in this area. It has really helped me to get clear on where I will focus my attention this year to add the right kind of value for you.

In the coming weeks I will be announcing some VERY cool news about a new ‘sister’ website I am launching to run alongside Life Happens. It is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to identify, clarify and live from your unique and authentic life purpose (and how to deal those annoying obstacles too!)


On a scale of 1 – 10 how connected do you currently feel to a sense of purpose in your life? (1 = No sense of purpose whatsoever / 10 = Totally connected to a life purpose)


10 – 4.7 %

9 – 11.6 %

8 – 18.6 %

7 – 18.6 %

6 – 25.6 %

5 – 7.0 %

4 – 9.3 %

3 – 2.3 %

2 – 0.0 %

1 – 2.3%             Average = 6.65 %

What is your personal definition of what it means to live a life of purpose?

1 = Making a positive contribution to the world / lives of others

2 = To continually grow and develop on a personal / spiritual level

3 = To know your values and live true to them

4 = To have goals / be goal driven / have a clear vision

5 = To do work that is fulfilling and enjoyable

5 = Finding a comfortable balance across all areas of life

6 = Choosing to have a positive attitude

6 = Having an opportunity to utilise your talents

7 = Remembering to be present and enjoy the moment

7 = Focusing on gratitude

7 = Always being involved in something that inspires you

What challenges or obstacles prevent you from having a greater sense of purpose in life, or prevent you from living in a more purposeful way?

1 = Negative thinking / self-doubt / self-worth

2 = “I don’t know what I want” / Too many distractions to focus on purpose

3 = Fear of change / worrying about the future

4 = Lack of money / feeling tied to my current salary

4 = Lack of time / too busy

5 = Putting other’s needs before my own

5 = Lack of energy

6 = “I’m in the wrong environment to do what I want to do.”

7 = Depression / low moods

7 = Don’t have any connection with like minded people

If you could ask for some expert guidance, in any area, that would help you to live with a greater sense of life purpose, what would ask?

1 = How to find something that inspires me / get clarity on what my life purpose is

1 = Strategies for managing my mindset (attitude) / Nurturing my mind, body and spirit

2 = How to build self-confidence / overcome fear

3 = Time management and prioritising what is important / making space for more purpose in my life

4 = How to stay motivated

4 = How to stop worrying about the future

5 = How to maintain healthy, balanced relationships

5 = How to be more assertive

5 = How to get paid for doing work I love

6 = How to make more money

With Love