What Is Life Happens?


This is a personal development website to help you discover authentic happiness, be successful and live with purpose.


All of the resources on this site are the work of Personal Development & Leadership Coach, Paul Dalton.


Over the years www.Life-Happens.co.uk has grown into a vast playground for personal growth. Each of the articles, podcasts, videos and course materials have been created with YOU mind, to give you insights, tips and strategies for living your best life.

authentic happiness

The core belief is that everyone is capable of living a life of purpose, being authentically happy and achieving meaningful success. It may not always be easy but with the right support and guidance you definitely have what it takes to show up in the world as an inspired participant of life and make a real positive difference.

The Life Happens ethos is: Life does not happen to you, it happens for you, and it is always presenting you with the lessons you most need to learn in order to be the fullest, most positive expression of who you really are. This site is jam packed with content to help you navigate your life lessons and to keep growing as a human being.

The best way to get stuck in is to take the “Create a Wonderful Life” multi-media self study course.


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