Much of the stress and confusion we can feel in our lives comes from our thoughts about the past and future; but what if the past and future aren’t all they appear to be?!?!? In this episode Paul explains a new way of thinking about the present moment that may just get your head spinning (in a good way!!)

Have you ever felt that YOU can sometimes get in the way of your wn success? In this episode Paul describes how we can often make unconscious commitments that conflict with the outcomes we consciously tell ourselves we really want. But don’t despair! He also walks you through a really effective process for re-aligning your thoughts and actions to get you back on the right track.

In this episode Paul talks about the “empowering” and dis-empowering  questions we ask ourselves and the way they influence our experience in any situation.

If you have ever found yourself avoiding making a decision because you didn’t know the best course of action to take, then this episode is for you! Paul talks about how the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our decisions and helps you to stop being afraid of getting it wrong.

In this episode Paul shares the most effective principle for getting away from stress and discovering peace in the ‘now’. He also walks you through a great technique for learning how to be present in any situation.

Have you ever wondered why it can sometimes be difficult to get yourself motivated, even though you really want a particular outcome? In this episode Paul explains the process of how your mind becomes naturally motivated and what you can do make it work for you.