Confucius said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” In this episode Paul talks about the difference that makes the difference as to whether we are open to experiencing beauty in our lives, or not. The source of beauty is probably a lot closer to home than you may have realised!

Have you ever noticed how babies don’t need therapy? In this episode Paul explains how the wellbeing you were born with never leaves you, even though it can often feel like it does. He provides some powerful questions to identify where you may have been making other people the custodians of your happiness.

The starting point for any journey can only ever be where you are right now. In this episode Paul talks about why it is often our thoughts about our current reality that prevent us from accomplishing the things we really want out of life, and also what we can do to free up our potential for success and happiness.

Often, our ability to live a wonderful life is equal to our willingness to just let go of the issues that bother us. In this episode Paul guides you through a nice little thought experiment for defusing negative emotions and moving forward.

What can your bank account teach you about relationships? In this episode Paul guides you through a powerful analogy for creating a positive sense of connectedness between you can others.

Many people consider that their purpose in life is to be happy, and they’d be right!! But there is more to the story than that. When it comes to living a truly meaningful life there is an extra element. In this episode Paul talk about where to look to find your ULTIMATE purpose.