In this ‘Living With Purpose’ Interview, Elaine Hopkins (aka The Redundancy Crusader) shares how she turned adversity into opportunity and overcame her fears in order to discover her inspiring purpose.

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, ‘If life hands you lemons, make lemonade’. Well, Elaine is a great example of someone who has learned to make pretty tasty lemonade with the lemons life handed her.

If you have had the experienced being made redundant then you will know what a personally challenging time it can be. If it is something you, or anyone you know, is currently going through, I’m certain you’ll be very interested in hearing how Elaine’s work can help. If not, I’m sure you will simply be inspired by her story.

Following her own redundancy from a long term corporate position, Elaine embarked on an unexpected and fascinating journey that lead her to discovering her true calling and to putting a lot of good out into the world.

In this video you will learn:

  • How a near fatal cycling accident gave Elaine the push she needed to follow her calling.
  • How she had to overcome huge amounts personal resistance to live the life she now loves.
  • How she  went from being scared stiff of being a leader and standing out to becoming a published author and willingly appearing on national TV and radio multiple times.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a community of people who really ‘get you’.
  • Elaine’s top tip on how to discover and follow your own purpose.

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My special guest for today’s ‘Living With Purpose’ interview is Colin Hiles, aka The Midlife Maverick’. Prepare to be inspired by his story!

colinSomeone once said’ “It turns out that happiness is about sacrifice. You have to sacrifice what isn’t important for what is.”

Colin is a shining example of someone who has taken courageous steps to overcome fear, make difficult decisions and risk everything in honour of living with purpose. In this interview he generously shares his experience, insight and wisdom for what it takes to recognise and answer your own calling.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How Colin went from being a health product salesman with low self-esteem to being the co-creator of a multi-million pound personal development business.
  • What a year on a small spanish island with no technology and more goats than people taught him about real success and fulfilment.
  • What a film starring Clint Eastwood has to do with finding your purpose (can you guess which one it is?)
  • What you should definitely have printed on your next business card.
  • How Colin has turned his experiences into a six step process that has helped thousands of people to live a life they feel great about (and raised bucket loads of cash for charitable causes along the way)

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Welcome to the premier video of the ‘Living With Purpose’ interview series!

mikeWhen exploring what our own unique purpose in the world is we are often inspired by other people’s stories. This series of interviews is intended to showcase the journeys of courageous individuals who have committed themselves to answering their calling and who are now living and working true to their purpose.

Through listening to these conversations my deepest wish is that you will resonate with some the philosophies and principles you hear and be inspired to try them out for yourself.

My first guest is Michael Teape, founder of Teape Training International. Mike is not only a close personal friend of mine, but someone who I have admired and looked up to for many years. His passion and skill for coaching in business is first class and is fuelled by his authentic desire to be of service and make a real positive difference to all he works with.

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